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                LTL Transformers Pvt. Ltd.

                LTL Transformers

                • 联系人:Mrs. Chandrika Periy
                • 电话:94-112-698586
                • 邮件:transformer@ltl.lk
                • 手机:+94777915435
                • 传真:94-112-697284
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                LTL Holdings, formally known as Lanka Transformers Group of Companies is a dynamic Engineering Enterprise engaged in Manufacturing, Construction & Service industries spanning across Electrical, Mechanical and Civil engineering fields. LTL is renowned as Engineering, Procurement & Construction (EPC) contractors of major Power projects, including High Voltage Transmission Lines (Overhead as well as underground), Grid Substations, and Power Generating Stations.
                Today LTL Holdings which was started with an investment of Rs.8.5 Million in the early nineteen eighties has developed as the largest internationally recognized engineering company in Sri Lanka with a net worth of approximately to Rs. 5000 million. This phenomenal growth of the organization was possible due to the efforts of the employees of the company under the guidance of its visionary leader Mr. U.D. Jayawardana [详细介绍]